Buniyaad Reeling machines – Birth of a new era for the women reelers

Rural women have faced social evils and adversities since centuries. The sparks of Women Empowerment movements have ignited a fire that might soon bring forth a solution to these in real time. Women have been reeling yarn from silk cocoons traditionally, on their thighs since ages.

Resham Sutra has taken a step towards change, enabling rural women to be self sufficient by providing them with a machine to reel silk yarn from cocoons from the earlier “thigh reeling” to the Buniyaad Silk reeling machines.

These machines have done wonders for the women who were confined to unhygienic and inhumane practice of thigh reeling for livelihood. Eliminating the drudgery of thigh reeling and enhancing the productivity several folds and of a quality never seen all these years. The machines have proven to be a boon for the tassar silk reeling  industry in India among the rural women.

Thigh Reeling by Women

Central Silk Technological Research Institute under the aegis of the Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, has recognized the virtues of the Buniyaad machine. Smt. Smriti Irani, Hon. Textiles Minister of India, has herself taken the lead in the process and initiated distribution of these machines amongst the female residents of villages like Champa (Chattisgarh), Fakirpur (Odisha) and Bhagalpur (Bihar). Training  workshops have also been set up as a part of this project.

The women, who are currently using these machines, have described it to be a big help in boosting their income to almost three times, and almost eliminating their dependence on their family for money. It used to take them about fifteen days to produce one kilo of tassar silk yarn, which is now produced in just four days.

The bigger benefit is perhaps that Buniyaad has helped these women avoid the wounds on their skin and gain a sense of  pride the in earning their own livelihood.

The health and monetary benefits, the independence of working on their own and the ability to export their products, has complemented their self confidence and contentment.

Of paramount importance is that this new initiative enables rural women to realize their capabilities and potential, and contribute to the nation’s growth. Introduction of Buniyaad has somewhat taken India closer to this goal. These machines, driven by the sun, are both inexpensive and an indispensible as a means of energy conservation, silk production and most importantly, women empowerment. Augmenting the reach of Buniyaad to each part and district of India, would lead to a better and prosperous country.

(Article by : Aparajita

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