Ramgarh, Jharkhand

The Sikni Weavers Co-operative society, is a group of over 40 rural women. Most members are engaged in income generating activity for the first time. Right after training the income is over Rs. 3000 per month, this will go up to over Rs. 7000 once they are in full time production. The women are also taking training in weaving and dyeing to make this an integrated silk production center.

  • Location : Dist. Ramgarh, Jharkhand (India)
  • Group: Self help group of forty women
  • Machines: Unnati, SunCharkha, SunKargha

Keonjhar, Odisha

Bhagamunda Tassar Reelers Co-operative Society, is a group of over 100 tribal women of Odisha. The group has built a hostel for the members. The all earn over Rs. 5000 per month and are the prime earners of their families. The center has now grown into an integrated silk production center with activities from cocoon production to yarn reeling and spinning to weaving to embroidery.

  • Location : Dist. Keonjhar, Odisha (India)
  • Group : Producer Group with Sixty women members
  • Machines : Unnati, SunCharkha, SunKargha, Buniyaad

Udalguri, Assam

Udalguri in Bodoland areas of Assam, is a fast growing cluster for the famous Eri & Muga Silks of the region. The machines are used for demonstration and training of Silk reeling and weaving. The activities undertaken here include Spinning of Eri Silk, Reeling of Muga Silk and Solar powered weaving of Silk Sarees and fabrics on SunKargha.

  • Location : Udalguri, BTC, Assam (India)
  • Group : Sericulture Department, BTC, Assam
  • Machines : Unnati 2 & 4 Spindle, MRTM, Eri Spinning charkha, SunKargha Solar Looms.

Kharsawan, Jharkhand

Common Facility Centers for Silk yarn and fabric production have been setup in many villages. Over 900 women earn regular income from Silk yarn production in these centers. There has been far reaching impact in the lives of the women and their families. Most of them now send their children to good schools, they have built better houses and are able to access better healthcare.

  • Location : Dist. Saraikela Kharsawan, Jharkhand (India)
  • Groups : Common Facility centers for 30 – 40 rural women each.
  • Machines : Unnati, Silk Spinning Machines

Champa, Chattisgarh

Women in Champa in Chattisgarh, have been practicing ‘thigh reeling’ of silk yarn traditionally. This is extremely harmful practice and has poor economic outcomes. The Buniyaad machine offered by Resham Sutra is a healthy alternative to Thigh reeling. Over 300 women in the  region have switched to usinig the Buniyaad machines. This has more than doubled their income and has many health benefits associated with it. For the many thigh reelers of India, this machine, developed in association with local innovators, is a big boon. It may change the lives of their future generations forever.

  • Location : Dist. Janjgir-Champa, Chattisgarh (India)
  • Groups: Individuals and local entrepreaneurs
  • Machines used : Buniyaad