Training was organized for the women in Bihar, Odisha and Chattisgarh for using the Buniyaad machines for Silk Reeling. More than 3,000 women have been trained to use the Buniyaad reeling machines for making silk yarn. Many of these women had been making silk yarn using in-humane methods like thigh reeling. Thigh reeling is a method in which the women roll fine silk yarn on bare thigh. This is not just abhorrable, but also leads to many physical ailments like skin rashes and pain in joint, that last for lifetime.

For many years these women have been waiting for a miracle that will free them from such painful practices. Their income was also extremely low with these methods, but abject poverty and lack of any other occupation forced the to do this. Now, the Buniyaad machine promises them a brighter future.

Young people in the villages are also happy to use the Buniyaad machine to earn a healthy livelihood right in their villages.

Solar power can added economically and effectively to the Buniyaad machine to free these women from dependence on erratic grid power.

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