Solar assisted hand-loom

Solar assisted hand-loom

SunKargha increases productivity by 2-3 times over traditional hand looms. It has 3 operating modes – Solar Motor Assisted, Pedal powered and Single Hand Motion.It is ideal for production of stripes and plains. Option of Dobby and Jacquard also available.

  • Can be Solar Powered
  • Production 2-3 times of Hand loom
  • Width available from 36" to 90"
  • Options of Solar / Hand / Pedal Power
  • WeExtra ft Insertion - Weft Insertion ‘Chaneke’ device for Buti Weaving
  • Dobby - Electronic or Manual Dobby
  • Jacquard - Electronic or Manual Jacquard
  • Pedal Power - Cycle Weaving for High Speed

Dyna Charkha

Reeling & re-reeling charkha

Cottage Charkha for Silk is useful for wet or dry reeling of all kind silk yarn. The charkha directly produces yarn in hanks.

It is easy device for un-twisted reeled silk yarn. Re-reeling charkha winds yarn from bobbins to Standard size hanks.

It can be optionally fit with yarn length counter to produce fixed length hanks.

Silky Spin

Solar/ Electric / Pedal Powered

Silky Spinning charkha is a self winding, foot or power operated, spinning wheel. It offers the better way to directly spin silk yarn from cocoons, without making a roving. The spinning charkha is ideally suitable for spinning of open cocoons of Eri & Tassar Silk. It can be used to produce fine to coarse spun yarn, the twists can be adjusted.

  • Options of Solar / Pedal / Electric Power
  • Wide variety of spun yarn produced.
  • Spindle & Flyer models available
  • Can be used for De-flossing reeling cocoons


Weft yarn Reeling Machine

Sonalika is compact Silk reeling machine with 2 ends. It replaces bhir or thigh reeling by rural women. It is popular for Muga weft Reeling.

  • Fluffy Weft yarn produced
  • Easy to operate
  • Option of Solar Power
  • Eliminates drudgery
  • Safe and light-weight
  • Solar Option available


  • Dimension : 90x 70x 55 mm
  • Power  :  AC 220V - 20 W
  • Net Weight : 15 Kg (approx.)
  • Yarn Production : 250 – 500g *


Thigh Reeling replacement Machine

Buniyaad is a compact Single end Silk reeling machine. It replaces thigh reeling by rural women. Production of this machine is 3-4 times of traditional thigh reeling. It is ideal for training and demonstration.

  • Option of Solar Power
  • Eliminates drudgery
  • Safe and light-weight
  • Solar Option available


  • Dimension : 50x 50x 55 mm
  • Power  :  AC 220V - 20 W
  • Net Weight : 10 Kg (approx.)
  • Yarn Production : 150 – 300g *


Solar Silk Reeling + Spinning

Unnati is world's first compact, portable, Solar powered Silk yarn Reeling + Twisting + Spinning machine. It's ideal for reeling of Silk for warp and for spinning of variety of silk yarns. Yarn for both Warp and Weft can be produced on Unnati. Over 6000 machines are successfully installed in 150 villages.

  • Fully solar powered.
  • High quality twisted yarn.
  • Can make yarn for warp and weft.
  • Safe and light-weight.
  • Can Reel, Spin and Twist Silk.
  • Useful for Tassar, Eri & Muga silk yarns.


  • Dimension : 90x 70x 55 mm
  • Power  :  DC 12 V - 15 W
  • Net Weight : 15 Kg (approx.) (excluding Solar)
  • Solar Panel  : 30 W
  • Yarn Production : 100 – 250g *

Handy Reel (MRTM) machine

Motorised Reeling & Twisting Machine

Sturdy, low maintenance machine for Reeling and twisting of Silk Yarn. Machine is designed for trouble-free, long life operation.

  • Low to High twist yarn, as required.
  • Can produce yarn for warp
  • Higher productivity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compact & Light Weight
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Dimension : 1370 x 630 x 370 mm
  • Power  :  AC Single phase 0.25 HP
  • Net Weight : 40 Kg (approx.)
  • Yarn Production : 150 – 300g *